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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chronicle piece about Artisan Tofu

San Francisco Chronicle food writer Tara Duggan wrote a good article recently about the growing artisan tofu market. Tofu Yu was mentioned, along with a bit of information about TofuYu founders Kevin Stong and Helen Yu.

Not that long ago, tofu was the subject of much derision in Western cultures. Not anymore. Athough let's face it--in its natural state, it can look like a rather uninteresting glob of gelatinous stuff. The reality is, tofu, along with other soy products, is not only an extremely versatile and tasty food, it's packed with nutrition. And when you consider how inexpensive it is compared to other protein foods, it's extremely cost-effective. And keep in mind that protein is only one of the benefits of eating tofu.

In a 2010 Chinese study, mentioned in U.S. News, it was found that "For women past menopause who have had breast cancer, a higher intake of soy may help reduce the risk of the disease's recurrence." The study findings were published Oct. 18 in CMAJ (the Canadian Medical Association Journal).

The article goes on to say that the study was not large and involved only women who were receiving medical care in Chinese.

Marji McCullough, a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society is quoted in the U.S. News article, "Chinese women may have been likely to have a lifelong high consumption of soy. We don't know whether starting on a diet high in soy after a breast cancer diagnosis would have the same effect as eating a lifelong diet high in soy."

McCullough goes on to say that according to current American Cancer Society guidelines, which are under review, up to three servings a day of soy foods is considered safe. But women are advised to avoid the high soy dose found in more concentrated sources such as soy powders and isoflavone.


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