Made with organic soybeans, fresh and local Ingredients

Our Products

Our unique flat tofu
We started with firm tofu in its basic form: organic soybeans, water, and magnesium chloride (a traditional firming agent) and nothing more. Then we started branching out and getting a little crazy. The chefs are Chinese, but they're cooking in Berkeley. So what do you expect? East meets West, and that's where tofusion comes in. Pesto and chipotle for instance. Even people who usually make it a point to avoid tofu will say, "Umm, that is really good." And then they'll ask for another sample.

We like that. :-)

So here's the current list:
Firm Tofu
- Plain
- Garlic Pepper
- Pesto
- Chipotle

- Tea (Jasmine)
- Hickory
- 5-Spice
- Jalapeno
- Applewood

- Spicy Coconut
- Spicy Lemon
 - Teriyaki

- Plain Pasta
- Pesto Pasta
- 5-Spice Pasta
- Tofutillas
- Spicy Veggie Wraps

- Tofuveggie Balls (available in a wheat/gluten-free version)
- Red Quinoa Salad
- Teriyaki Burger
- Spreads (Curry, Garlic Pepper, and Jalapeno)

And we're creating new things all the time. Can't wait to tell you about it!

- francine s