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Friday, March 15, 2013

'shrooms and Tofu

by Francine

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Mushrooms are endowed with an assortment of health benefits - from being a boost to your immune system, to helping to prevent breast and other cancers; they assist in weight loss, fighting tumors, and they are anti-inflammatory, a source of B12 (difficult to get when you're a vegetarian). .  .There's a reason these exotic, rather cosmic edibles are associated with 'magic.' Magic indeed. And we get to eat them! And they're so declicious. Did you know there's a lobster mushroom that actually tastes like that? And oyster mushrooms. . . well, you can guess the rest.

Check out the great nutrient reference from, which tells us - among other things - that mushrooms seem to have some kind of 'smart' aspect about them, where if white blood cell is required, mushrooms push that, and when it's not, crimini mushrooms seem to have a sensor to leave the white blood cells alone. "Magic" anyone?

Here's a ridiculously easy recipe for tofu and mushrooms. It can be adapted so easily to taste. It's inexpensive, easy to prepare, and is sure to make your tummy feel swell.

What you need:

a block of tofu (plain or not), sliced or cubed
enough mushrooms to please yourself and whoever else you're cooking for
black pepper
some red onion
a few cloves of garlic
a bit of the following:
  (any other herb or spice you love)
coconut or canola oil


Slice the onion thinly. Same thing with the garlic. Saute both with a bit of oil until they become a bit transparent and soft. Add the mushrooms. Saute until mushrooms start to soften and add the tofu. Continue to saute until tofu starts to brown and everything is well mixed. Add the herbs, pepper, and continue to mix until everything is steaming and flavors are well blended.

Variation: add green or red pepper and/or cherry tomatoes, halved

Pour mixture over brown rice, quinoa, or pasta. You'll have yourself a tasty, inexpensive, and very yummy treat.


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