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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mix it up

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by Francine

As the weather gets warmer/hotter, our desire to 'slave over a hot stove' usually lessens--especially if we've just returned from work and want to spend the evening relaxing outdoors, watching a good movie, gardening, or reading a great book (or maybe even vegging out in front of the tube. . . ). Salads are a great option anytime, but especially in hot weather. And the possibilities are essentially limitless. A fabulous salad of organic greens topped with grilled chicken or shrimp, or salmon  (unless you're a vegetarian) is always good. . . but those aren't the only options for a protein-packed meal--vegetarian or not!

An easy and tasty dinner salad can be put together in minutes with some tofu (and maybe some beans), as the protein partner to all those delightful veggies.

Now if you want to speed things up, get a package of flavored tofu. Either in a block or pasta form. You can of course also marinate your own, but obviously this takes longer. Another time-saver is to buy a box or bag of pre-washed organic lettuces. But even better would be to open the door to the backyard and go pick your greens fresh. Good for you if that's the case!

Suggested summer salad #1

Mixed greens
beets (steamed or roasted) -- blood purifier that helps in the building of red blood cells
red onion -- anti-inflammatory, Vit C, and fiber
garlic (about 2-3 cloves) -- cardio and cancer protective
celery  -good for blood pressure
snap peas --so delicious and great texture
tofu - your choice of flavor!
fresh corn (optional)
Bell pepper -- antioxidant, anti-inflmmatory, Vit C
fresh herbs--like tarragon, oregano, and basil (or dried)
salt and pepper to taste (salt is not necessary, because the 'bite' is derived from the garlic, onion, and lemon juice)

Make a vinaigrette from olive oil, wine vinegar, mustard, and a bit of lemon. Remember to let the garlic (crushed or diced really fine) sit out for awhile before eating. This enhances the release of beneficial enzymes.


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