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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tofu gone wild!

by Francine

If you've been following us on Facebook lately, you've seen some photos of some pretty amazing new tofu products -- delectable treats designed in our magical kitchens purveyed by Helen Yu (yes the Yu in Tofu Yu). 

Turkey Loaf--photo by Tofu Yu
Teriyaki Tofu - photo by Tofu Yu
Flower Tofu - photo by Tofu Yu
The Turkey Loaf was created for delis and markets to cut slices of turkey flavored tofu for some pretty inventive and delicious sandwiches!  Flower Tofu was created for Pebbles Donuts for weekend breakfasts as an vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. Teriyaki Sushi is one of our popular new tofu Sushia, flavored with our Teriyaki Tofu! There is also Quinoa and Tofu sushi. Tofu Sushi was the first of our new, popular Sushis to be sold, and it remains very popular thanks to its wonderful flavor! 

Pebbles Donuts cooks up the flower tofu for breakfasts:
            Pepples Donuts
            6037 San Pablo
            Oakland , CA   94608
Braised Tofu Triangles - photo by Tofu Yu
The braised Tofu triangles are available through Natural Choice Distribution, who distribute our products to several stores and locations. They may be contacted through their website at
The Berkeley Food Collective carries that amazing sushi. They are located at:
            2440 Bancroft Way
            # 102
            Berkeley , CA 94704
The loaf was made for one of our catering clients, La Bonne Cuisine Catering, though we can do it by order for anyone  (typically we ask for a 48-72 hour lead time on custom/catering orders).

Be sure to give some of these new products a try. If your favorite grocer doesn't carry the items you are interested in, be sure to put in a request. And in the meantime, go to your usual Farmers Market where you find our tofu. You'll be sure to find it there!


  1. Hello! I just enjoyed the Teriyaki Tofu Sushi for lunch -- delicious! I looked on your website for nutritional info but couldn't find any. I'm interested in calorie count since I devoured a package myself.

  2. Yes where is the calories