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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming to a Farmer's Market Near You

by Francine

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You're doing a great thing for the environment and local farmers by shopping locally at farmers markets. In the last15 years in the United States, and particularly in the last 5, these markets are rapidly growing in number. Farmers, shoppers and city planners are aware that these markets provide a vital link between consumers and farmers while also functioning as a vibrant community center. For many people a stop at the farmers market on any given day has become part of the routine. In fact, when it comes to fresh produce--many people make it a point to go to the farmers market first and go their local grocery store only to buy the produce they couldn't find at the farmers market. People are increasingly interested in buying fresh, healthy, locally grown food and sidestepping the middleman.

Farmers markets are an experience unto themselves. Most vendors are delighted to offer samples, tell their customers about where and how the food was grown. It offers us the unique opportunity to ask the questions we have regarding organic certification, how to use the food, taste, etc. Many farmers markets include local artisans and their wares, musicians who perform and such activities for children as balloon artists, face painters, and pony rides.

There is a sense of community at farmers markets that adds delight to buying your food straight from the farmer who grew it, or like in the case of Tofu Yu--straight from the people who made it. In ancient times and currently in many cultures of the world, 'going to market' or the 'bazaar' was/is a big event. People buy and trade, exchange stories with one another, catch up on what's going on in the community. It becomes a meeting place, a center of life. Way more significant than a 'quick stop' at the local grocery store.

Below is Tofu Yu's current farmers market schedule. If you're there stop by to say hello and have a sample of our food. Even if you don't need to buy any tofu that day, we'd love to see you!


  • San Francisco, Stonestown
  • 9 AM to 1 PM, year around
  • 20th Avenue, San Francisco 

  •  San Francisco
  • 12 PM to 5:30 PM
  • UCSF Fremont Plaza Market

  • San Francisco
  • 10 AM to 3 PM, 4/22 to 10/28
  • UCSF Mission Bay, Plaza East of 4th St. and Gene Friend Way
Thursday  *NEW*

  • Pleasanton
  • 9 AM to 1 PM, Year Round (alternate weekends beginning 11/27/10)
  • PCFMA, Main and West Angela Streets 
  • San Mateo
  • 9 AM to 1 PM, Year Round 
  • West Hillsdale Blvd. and College of San Mateo Drive (CSM)

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