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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring In the New Year Veganically!

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Ok, so 'vegancially' is not a legitimate word, but you get the idea. . . Came across these recipes and they all look good. Eating black-eyed peas first thing New Years Day (i.e. right after midnight 12/31) is supposed to bring luck and prosperity for the new year--a custom in the Southeast that most likely originated during the Civil War. Black-eyed peas happen to be delicious (and nutritious), so why not?. . . And collard greens can be substituted for any other greens--kale or chard for instance. But collard greens are delicious and full of health benefits--particularly their cholesterol lowering ability.

Tofu Yu tofu works especially well for the tofu recipe in this selection, because it is naturally firm. So whether you cube it or slice it, it maintains its shape and you don't have that extra water that you often get from other tofu brands. And if you prefer walnuts to peanuts--go for it.

In any event, here's to a safe, healthy, and happy New Year and remember "The best things in life are organic."

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