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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

photo from the Domaine Carneros website
A bit more information about that organic champagne from Domaine Carneros:

First of all, you realize that what is often called champagne is technically not champagne, because the grapes must have been grown in the Champagne region of France to be called such. But sparkling wines made in the United States and other countries are often given the name "champagne" because of the similarity to these wines.

The festive (peachy pink) Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour is a toast to the life and times of Madame de Pompadour (She had a haircut named after her. Think Elvis.). Anyway, Mme. de Pompadour is the person credited with introducing champagne to the court and was quite well versed in matters of art, architecture and philosophy. “Champagne is the only wine a woman can drink and remain beautiful,” once said the Madame.

Well, we don't know if we agree about the "only" part, but a glass of champagne in any hand is certainly complimentary.

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